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Personal Details:

Year and place of birth: 1968, Northrhine Westphalia/Germany

Location: Munich Area, Bavaria/Germany

Nationality: German

Acting age range: 39 - 51

Vocal Pitch: Baritone


Height: 5"7 - 1,69 m

Eye-Colour: Blue grey

Hair Color/Style: Dark blonde/ wavy short

Build: Athletic

Ethnic types: Germanic, Middle Europe/Caucasian, Scandinavian, White

Skills & talents:

Sports & Skills: Athletics, cycling, gym, jogging, roller blading, rollerskating,

skateboarding, shooting, skiing, horseback riding, ice skating, motorbiking,

mountain biking, snowboarding, swimming, rock climbing (basic)


  • German (mother tongue),

  • English (fluent),

  • English – American (fluent),

  • English – British (fluent),

  • French (basic)


  • German (Northern, native dialect),

  • Tyrolean (fluent)

  • Westphalian/Ruhr-German [Ruhr Area], (good),

  • Scottish (good)

Driving licences: car (B, BE), tractor, motorbike (AM, A, A1, A2), van/truck (C, CE, C1, C1E)

Musical Instruments: Cajón, didgeridoo, bodhrán, drums

Misc. skills: Milking, painting


Eternal  (WT) , cinema [short]: Other, experimental  |  2020  |  voice over  |  Director: Nicolai Sagasser

Eternal  (WT) , cinema [short]: Other, experimental  |  2020  |  "Morgan" [support]  |  Director: Nicolai Sagasser

Dionys 05 , cinema [short]: Thriller, noire  |  2020  |  "Leopold Falk" [lead]  |  Director: Tobias Jonas

Der Liebestrank (WT), cinema [short]: Mystery, horror  |  2019  |  "Dr. Reiyk" [co-lead]  |  Director: Samuel Heigl

Stille der Dunkelheit, cinema [short]: Crime, thriller  |  2019  |  "Psychiatrist/Therapist" [support]  |  Director: Samuel Heigl

Das Minenfeld (WT), cinema [short]: Drama, war  |  2019-20  |  "Moritz Beer" [co-lead]  |  Director: Joachim Schmid



Camera acting  (WT)   |  2020  |  actingcoach  Hermann Killmeyer, Hamburg

Stage fighting & acrobatics, body expression  |  2020  |  Artemis Schauspielschule, Munich

Private singing (classical) and vocal coaching  |  ongoing  |  Martina Spingler, München/Salzburg

Private Training  |  ongoing

Basic Combat Hunter Training [Ops. Drills, SARE, MEDEVAC, SERE , misc rifle & pistol live ammo shooting training|  2019  |  Poznan/Poland

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