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You might call him maverick at times and he probably would not disagree. Lars leaves the usual path to fully leverage  resources that lie beyond the ordinary if this helps to shift a project, a scene, or a moment to the next level. Whether performing on a dog sleigh expedition across Lappland for several days and nights at -13 °F, or going the extra mile when he is baptized in a freezing mountain creek in a scene. That´s where Lars shows his committment by demonstrating endurance, discipline and focus and gets it to this moment of excellence for the sake of  a take - guided by his love and passion for his profession.

Being on site he affably immerses himself both swiftly in the process and  fluidly in the character, spirited  with a professional attitude. He loves to be part  of a project and enjoys to contribute to its success by fetching from an expressive power - from subtle to forces, qualified to vitalise complex and demanding characters.

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